1. You are overwhelmed with your current workload and need help digging out of your pile of administrative tasks.

2. You KNOW that you need an assistant, but you cannot afford to hire someone full-time.

3. You do not want to weed through applicants, conduct interviews and train an assistant who will be on-site.

4. You are stressed, want to reduce that stress and become more productive.

5. You KNOW that you could accomplish so much more, if you could prioritize and focus on the tasks that only you can do.

Does it seem that all you do is pay bills? Delegate the task to a Virtual Assistant and save approximately 30 minutes per day!

A Virtual Assistant can keep your checkbook balance up-to-date and make sure that the bills are paid on time. This is something that is an ideal and a typical task for Virtual Assistants.

Bookkeeping can be as simple as handwriting the checks and using a pen and calculator to keep the books balanced. However, there are a few online software programs that make balancing the books simpler! Many Virtual Assistants are familiar with the use of these software programs, like Quickbooks.
Think of how much time you spend managing your calendar! Handing this one task over to a Virtual Assistant can save you 20 minutes per day.

A Virtual Assistant can set appointments, track your appointments, notify you of appointments and remind you of your appointments. Allowing a Virtual Assistant to manage your calendar frees up time on your end, plus ensures that you never miss another appointment again! He/she can manage both your business and personal calendars.

There are some great calendar programs online, like Google that allows you to share your calendar with a Virtual Assistant and do so, virtually!
Is your inbox overwhelming you?  Hire a Virtual Assistant to handle your inbox…..time saved = 25 minutes per day x 5 days per week = 2hrs per week

A growing business means that your inbox will grow also. But, as most of you know, trying to manage your inbox can be a tedious chore and lead to stress. Handing over the chore of managing your inbox to a Virtual Assistant can benefit you by allowing you to become more productive.

A Virtual Assistant can filter emails, prioritize emails by importance and delete junk emails, keep your contact list up-to-date, keep up with your correspondence and alert you by text or phone of any urgent matters that come up.

Letting go of your inbox is a small, yet huge step in helping you reduce your stress and become more productive, while gaining confidence in allowing a Virtual Assistant to assist you.

So, it is the first week of September...we are going to start things off this month covering reasons that you need a Virtual Assistant. With each blog post, there will be another tip as to how the addition of a Virtual Assistant can make you more productive. Learning to delegate tasks that are important, but can be handled by a trustworthy Virtual Assistant can save you valuable hours each day. A trustworthy Virtual Assistant that can help you handle tasks can keep you from burning out!
It is the first Monday of September, the beginning of a new month!

Get yourself organized with the help of a virtual assistant! A virtual assistant can do anything that you can imagine to help take the pressure off of you. Let a virtual assistant take over those time-consuming tasks so that you can better focus on running your business and making money!

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